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Challenge: Why I Love My Mom Bod

Love your body NOW

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When I look back at old photos of myself, I sometimes feel a bit of regret. As I place my hand on my now rounded belly or catch a glance of my now wider hips in the mirror, I want to tell that girl in the pictures to wake up. To not take her body for granted. To appreciate herself as she is right then and there.

Then I stop and think that maybe I should be giving my current self the same advice.

Here is what I want to tell the girl in all of the pictures:


To My Child Self:

I want to tell you to love your body NOW.

It is so strong and capable. It allows you to run fast and play hard and jump so very high. You have unstoppable energy for dancing and swimming and just being on the move during all your waking hours.

Love that body. It is amazing.

To My Young Adult Self:

I want to tell you to love your body NOW.

It is healthy and beautiful (despite what you may think). It carries you through your days of school and work and fun with no complaints from tired joints or stiff muscles. Let it carry you with confidence.

Love that body. It is amazing.

To My Grown-Up Self:

I want to tell you to love your body NOW.

Yes, it holds some extra pounds that were never there before and some new curves have appeared in places you would rather they not be. But this body has been good to you. It has accomplished so much and has shown you that you can do hard things. You can still run and play and jump. Maybe not as fast or as high, but you can do it.

Love that body. It is amazing.

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