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Love Makes It All Okay

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Tonight’s dinner was English muffin pizzas. No veggies. And it was was made by my kids.

And you know what? That is okay. And so are the dirty dishes that haven’t made it into the dishwasher yet.

When I left for work this morning, I suddenly remembered the laundry was still in the dryer from last night. Actually I think since Monday. But you know what? That’s okay.

Oh and I can certainly assure you that my hair isn’t in it’s best shape today. Yet messy hair is okay too.

And when I think about all that my girls did today, it definitely included extra TV time, coloring outside the lines and mismatched outfits.

But all of that is okay.

Because, mama, you do it all with love.

Those mismatched outfits and outside the line colorings spark creativity and inspire them to be their own person. And that restful tv time reminds them that quiet, calm, mindful behaviors are important.

And your messy hair assures them that beauty standards lack validity and truth. Embracing your raw beauty encourages self-love.

And the laundry in the dryer and dishes in the sink, those show your concern and sacrifice for your children. Not only are you taking care of their physical needs by feeding and clothing them, but you are putting the chores on hold to spend precious time and be present in the moment.

Like in the moment when you let them make dinner, accidentally spill the cheese all over the floor and then lick the sauce off their fingers.

And in the moment when you sat together giggling over how messy and fun tonight’s dinner was.

And in the moment when they squeezed you tight and whispered “Thanks mama, I love you.”

Because no matter what you decide, or what you do or don’t do, it is all okay when your love outshines it all.

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