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Challenge: Romance After Kids

'Love Letters' are still a thing. Here's mine...

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"Anything But Mine" by Kenny Chesney is OUR song.

"In the midst of the music,

I tell her I love her

And, we both laugh 'cause we know it isn't true.

Oh, but Mary, there's a summer drawing to an end tonight,

And, there's so much that I long to do to you."

This little diddy brings us both back to my college days in the northeast and our dating days.

It allows each of us to reminisce on a time when we were grossly obsessed and infatuated with one another -- you, eight years my senior, and me, who had a crush on you ever since you waited on my mother and me at lunch one day at the local Tampa deli.

It reminds us of the intensity with which we both approached our winter break fling, which turned into a long-distance relationship resulting in a few geographical moves.



New York.

Back to Boston.

Our early love spanned the globe.

And our married love did too.



Then back to good 'ole Florida.

I remember, when we first started dating, sitting atop a picnic table outside a bar on Treasure Island, and though you thoroughly enjoyed my company and valued our friendship and relationship, you also informed me of your stance on never wanting to get married and not wanting kids.

We're going on eleven years of marriage, my friend, come the twelfth of this month, and we now are the proud parents of an eight, five and three-year-old.

I bet you thought this kind of future and life was going to be "anything but mine," but now, hun, aren't you just smitten that it is yours?

I am, but then again, I always knew it would be.

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