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Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

Like we tell our kids, think before you speak

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This summer was a particularly challenging summer for me as a mom. The special needs of one of my children was uncovered and it took every last drop of patience of out me to parent him this summer. There were times when I did well, I tuned out the world around me and could focus on giving him what he needed in that moment. There were other times when we were at a pool, or a party or just home and I didn't have anything left to give. I would raise my voice, get impatient and wish I could get away. If anyone judged me based upon my parenting during those moments they may have had a some negative things to say. And if any one judged my young, beautiful, sweet son based on some of his moments they would miss out on who he truly is. That would be shame for everyone. Sometimes when moms are judging others moms they are also judging their children and that is simply not right.

Luckily, I didn't experience that at all. I only experienced support and love and with those closest to me they even shared tears with me. I found that the love that I have gotten around parenting has been an invaluable gift. If I would have been knocked down in my weakest of moments I am not sure how I would have gotten up. I have needed support not criticism around me and I am grateful to those who gave it.

So please, if you see a mom who looks at the end of her rope, who could use a hand, whose child may be having a meltdown- help her. Don't ask her if she needs help, she will likely say no, just do something. Carry a bag, hold open a door, or simply tell her it is clear she is a good mom having a tough moment. It happens to us all, the challenge for women is to not just talk the talk but walk the walk about judging others.

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