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Life on the field

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Life on the field.

Every Saturday is a day on the field. And by field, I mean all-the-fields. We start at 9am with the youngest (5) playing soccer, then 10:30am with a football game for twin A (9), then finish (I use that word loosely because we’re never finished) with a game at 1pm with a different soccer field for twin B (9).

Each of these games starts with 30-45 minutes of warm up/practice time.

Cool. Cool.

We bring chairs, a cooler full of snacks, water and sports drinks, my Starbucks that I must pick up on the way and a wagon with chairs, bags, cleats and alltheotherthings. The wagon moves us from field to field with less stares.

Lunch usually consists of someone running through a fast food drive through and bringing back 27 cheeseburgers and some nuggets that are quickly devoured before they even have a chance to be unwrapped. More water and energy drinks. And a picnic table if we can find one or a strategically placed position on the grass.

I always come dressed to impress with my gym shorts, oversized tank top and a messy bun to rival all buns with a hair band to pull it back out of my face. Oh and obviously my tennis shoes because while sandals are more comfortable, I’m always carrying the equivalent of 2 weeks worth of luggage from field to field or carrying a child who is far too old to need held. The tan lines are magical.


I bring the portable phone charger because I must document every play of every game with my ridiculous mom pride and answer work texts and emails professionally as though I’m not simultaneously screaming bloody murder at the kid who just slide tackled my son.


5 hours later after 83 meltdowns brought on by “I’m too hot” from Florida heat, 3 successful games and 3 practices later... we head home with overtired, exhausted small people with rosy red cheeks and a vehicle that smells like 7,895 dirty gym socks. Oh the smell.

Love & Hugs to all the sports moms. We’re built to withstand this madness with a smile and a fierce loyalty for 15+ years.

You are all awesome. I cannot imagine life any other way. Let’s do it again next week.

❤️ - Nicki, Momming all the Boys

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