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Life is short -- so should be our wants

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How many people have something-- or a few somethings -- they’ve dreamed of?

The house.

The wife.

The husband.

The singlehood.

The kids.

The lack of kids.

The job.

The coworkers.

The bank the account.

The car.

The pet.

The passion project.

The friends.

The balanced schedule.

The weight.

The zen.

How many people have something -- or a few somethings -- they’ve dreamed of?

But it’s

Because they need more.

And better.

And more, that’s better.

And nothing is better than more than what they’ve got.

Except what she's got.

Or what he's got.

How many people have attained a portion, if not more, of their dream life and now that "gotcha" doesn't seem like enough or all they've cracked it up to be and they've started to dream of needing more leading them to wanting more?

How many people are ill content


life is like for them?

It's a slippery slope, people, trying to procure happiness, and it’s a mountain we all ski.
And do you know where it leads?

Nowhere good.

Nowhere healthy.

Nowhere helpful.

To an embankment of malaise and gloom and jealousy.

To unhappiness.

So what do we do?

We learn to live in gratitude for ALL that IS, and not just for all that is what we wanted.

We take on the hills, the slippery segments and the scary bits and we remind ourselves to look the hell around and to appreciate the natural and authentic beauty of all that just plain is…even when what is, is different than what we thought it would be or less than ideal.

We know happiness isn’t a destination. We’ve been told.

We’ve also been told it’s all about the journey, and yeah, I see that.

But what if we don’t look at happiness as a destination or a journey but as a person that resides in all of us begging to be let free — itching for us to experience all that we are

1) by letting go of who we think we are meant to be and how we think our life should go and look

2) and loving who we really are and what our life is and isn’t at any given moment.

Life is short. So should be our list of complaints and our wants.

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