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Let's talk about hangovers as a parent

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Let's talk about hangovers as a parent.

And I'm not talking about the kind that alcohol-cause,

but rather the type that presents itself after

a hard day with the kids,

an uncomfortable conversation with your preteen,

an interaction where you "completely lost it" on your crew,

a momentary lapse in your patience,

or the kind of aftermath you experience when your family as whole transitions from one life phase or season to another.

For example -- take all the kids heading back to school after a summer at home, and the whole lot of us being both

anxious and excited,

happy to break away from the nucleus for a bit, but also sad that we'll be apart,

stoked for slightly more freedom but confused by what that'll mean for each of us,

and optimistically curious about the upcoming unknown while still feeling somewhat melancholy about leaving the security of the known

...of home

...of each other.

So for anyone feeling a 'parent hangover' tonight

-- for any reason at all --

I've got some words that are far from a "cure" but still might give you some relief,
and they are these:

With each new parenting



or minute

comes a chance for us to learn about ourselves and those we love

and how better to love ourselves and those we love,

and like popping four Advil before bed,

doesn't that give you some relief??

Here's wishing all of us three very important things in the




and weeks to come:

1) a renewed sense of self-confidence

2) trust in the journey you’re on

3) and an abundance of "I'm here for the ride, so I'm gonna make it fun"-style peace.

Sleep tight, and don't you dare let a hangover bite.

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