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Let's Stop Shaming Girls

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Girls are told to be ashamed of their bodies.

Maybe not with those literal words, but with dress codes and school rules.

With girls being made to wear clothes over their swimsuits and not show their backs at prom.

With the judgment of sexual assault victims ("Well, what was she wearing?" and "She should've known better than to wear that or be there or stay out past whenever o'clock").

As if girls weren't self-conscious enough about their changing bodies, having too much or not enough chest, having or not having a thigh gap, and trying to find acceptable shorts that are flattering but provide adequate coverage.

Girls are taught to carry the responsibility of what a boy might be thinking and guard themselves appropriately.

Listen. I have both a son and a daughter in this world and I can come at this from both sides.

I REFUSE to make my daughter responsible for what some boy might think about her body. I refuse to make her question how she chooses to express herself on this planet or regulate what she wears.

And I believe I taught my son not to objectify women and to show some damn respect. That his actions are about him and him alone and have nothing to do with anyone else. To be accountable.

Girls' bodies should not be shamed.

And when they are, there should be an ARMY of women AND MEN lined up behind her, ready to fight for her cause and defend her name.

I reject the shaming of girls, young women, ANY woman.

It is not okay. It needs to stop.

Our girls deserve better.

P.S. This pic was taken on my daughter's first day of school. She was dress-coded.

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