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Laundry Hack- Dot System

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Who's Underware Is This Anyway?

How do you handle all of the clothes? There is just so much laundry with littles running around. Changing outfits on the hour. No worries, I have a solution. Its called the dot system. I made the name up, but it is what it says it is. This system is so simple and it makes it easy for kids to help with the loads of laundry that needs to be sorted and put away.

In our house, the Dot System has alleviated the annoyance of the age old question-whose shirt is this? It helps in the moments when you’re putting your baby’s clothing into your older ones closet because they’re all too close and wasn’t brother just in this size 2t? Wait- who is wearing a 2T now? It’s all confusing with multiple kids of the same gender. Not to mention the fact that I like to match my boys a lot, so that I can spot them quickly in public, so that brings the sorting to a new level of challenge. Insert the Dot System.

Passed down to me by a wise mom of three boys, I’ve taken on the system and made it my own. Now I can share the seemingly simple solution for laundry madness with you. Because we all know it’s not so much the laundry that is maddening; it’s the folding and sorting and the putting away. This my friends is where I go a little slacker. So with no further ado…let me introduce the Dot System.

Once the oldest or largest child has outgrown that garment it is passed down to the next child. Add a dot. Now these items belong to child #2. Once child #2 has outgrown said items add another dot. Now the clothing has three dots on it indicating it belongs and fits the third child. And so on and so forth.

Use a sharpie; but make sure you have something under the clothing so the permanent marker doesn’t bleed through onto your kitchen counter. (Ahem…)

That is it. No name writing, no arguing over whose is whose, no confusion over underwear, t-shirts or pants. Hope this helps you Mommas!

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