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Launch a Side Hustle and Stay at Home with Your Kids

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It get's quite difficult for anyone who has 3, 4 or even a kid back at home to manage work life balance. In the initial days when your child is small and needs your constant pampering, would require you to stay at home all the time.

But staying home won't let the ends meet. Therefore it is pretty important for moms or dads to make money while staying back at home.


Amazon Associates Account

I got to know this a while back how different stay at home moms and dads are side hustling to help their ends meet. Amazon Associate Account offers anyone who has an audience to influence via Website, Social account, YouTube channel or any other digital property, they can sign up for Amazon Associate account. By signing up for Associates account the owner gets a link which a mom can promote and make commission on every sale coming from that link.

The commission vary product to product. I have seen mom's with their recipes and a link to their pan, could end up earning even six figures.

Freelance writing for Blogs

This is a good one because you can find something you are passionate about and you know something about or can research, then you can make anywhere from 30 up to 75 or even 80+ dollars for every article you write even at your nap time.

Sell Crafts on ETSY

There are people who are designers or good at hand crafts and are tired of being in office or tired of sitting and wasting their skills. So they might want to get into creating their own designs or creating their crafts and sell them on ETSY.

There are a lot of people who loves hand crafts and are willing to pay a good amount of money. You just need to sign up for ETSY, to open up your shop make extra income.

Start your Own Blog

It is certainly cool to start a blog!

Starting a blog, is never easy and never an impossible task. It gets easier if you start writing on something you are passionate about such as cooking, dressing up or even parenting.

Once you have a blog set up, you have a lot of options to monetize your blog. Amazon associate is one way to monetize your blog, others include affiliate links of products, sponsored posts, sponsored banners etc.

Blogs require you to write, write and write and sharing of your content, which can be pretty easily managed by staying at home with your kids. And in this era of technology you may need not to think how to start a blog, because it can easily be managed by using easy to use Content Management Systems and page builders.

Be a Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant requires you to take care of small tasks, like managing emails, managing sheets, scheduling appointments etc all by email or something like Zoom or Google hang outs.

This could end up making you 8 to $12 an hour depending upon the job.

Raising kids is a full-time job, then why not hop for one of these side hustle and make extra income.

A great example of a blog I came across is of Single Moms Income, which generated a total of $5,472.71. in January.


And she is aiming for another $100k this year, if she can so can you!

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