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The laser tape measures are one-step ahead to the metal tape measures; they are specially designed to measure height, lengths and dimensions of up to about 650 feet. They can precisely measure a distance as small as one-eighth of an inch when measuring a distance of up to 300 feet.

These intelligent inventions are helpful for laborers working in factories and companies where they have to perform measurements at a professional level. Homemakers also use laser tape measures to perform accurate measurements around the house too.

How does it work?

To use a laser tape measure properly, you ought to put the measurement device on the edge of the thing you want to measure, and then point the laser beam in such a way that it directly hits an object on the other end. If there is nothing as the opposite side, you can place a target at the point you want to measure up to. The same process that is used to operate a metal tape is followed, the only difference being that the laser beam is used instead of a metal tape laser tape measure .

When you see that the laser beam has reached the target, simply press the button and the distance will be measured and is played on the screen. The calculation is carried out precisely following the rules of optic and laser physics. Hence the laser tape measures provide an accurate result and show results on the display screen of some large distances that may be difficult to reach and it covers all this in a relatively short time.


I have discussed some of the best laser tape measures available in the market today

  1. Stanley TLM99
  2. Bosch DLR 130K
  3. Bosch GLM 50
  4. DeWalt DW03050
  5. Bosch GLR225
  6. Stanley CST/Berger TLM100

Stanley TLM99 is a device that is efficient but is not suitable to measure large can only measure distance up to 100 ft. However, this cool gadget works well at home, in the office and several other places where limited space is to be measured. It has amazing features including tracking, as well as it is able to perform well in all weathers regardless of the time of the day.

This extraordinary device, Bosch DLR 130K, provides reliable results at a fast pace. It can provide you with the length, area, or volume of a space under consideration. This laser tape measure comes with a belt pouch and has 4 AAA batteries that boost its performance.

This user-friendly device, Bosch GLM 50 is for everyone who wishes to get accurate measurements. It can reach as high as 165 feet. You do not require changing your positions every now and then as it has the ability to perform continuous measurements.

The DeWalt DW03050 is a durable laser tape measure, which is useful at sites where things are revolving all around you and you are to note down the accurate measurements. This solid device is water-resistant that makes it a choice for many people. To cope up with the moving things it offers a continuous measurement feature too so that you do not need to change your position accordingly.

The Bosch GLR225 is designed for such people who are determined to have accurate measurement quick. It can perform some indirect measurements too so that you can save your time to move from one place to another to measure an accurate distance. The only problem with this device is that the buttons and not adjustable and do not work if you are wearing gloves or something like that to get measurements.

A superb invention that could be held for long hours because of its amazing rubbery finish and provides the clear and accurate measurements t for distances ranging from ¼ inch to more than 100 feet. It also carries out addition and subtraction and is suitable for people who record measurements all day long. Its button quality is quite disturbing but the other good points mask that inadequacy well.


I have tried to clear the idea behind these laser tape measures. They vary in prices and the more expensive ones offer additional features. These laser tape measures reduce the workforce required to carry out measurements. They make work simple for you. I suggest you to buy these extremely helpful devices no matter which profession you belong to, because you may need it one day

I hope this review helps you to make the right decision!

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