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Know The Steps That Parents Can Take In Coping With Stress

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To enter into a high school can be the best experience, unfortunately for some teenagers; it can be troublesome and confusing. As per the study, more than 50% of high school students come across high stress on the daily basis. There can be several reasons behind stress, anxiety, and confusion amongst high class students.

What is the reason for anxiety?

There are some factors causing anxiety amongst high school fishermen and amongst those who are going to school for the very first time with their elder ones. Here the noticeable thing is that your child in the teen age is the youngest one going to school and will come from the school and turn out to be oldest and the senior child. This change can be troublesome for your teenage child.

It is not to get adjusted with the school children, but also to get adjusted with teachers and classroom environment of every subject. There is some experience which can be worrisome and even obsessing like will teacher like me? Will the teacher be strict to me? Will I be able to understand the entire syllabus? There is possibility of seeking superb grades and high possibilities to make the best of the friends. There are several unexpected scenarios where teens may get bullied. They may also become targets of cyber bullying and different sort of sexual harassment. A study reveals that more than 30% of students become victims of the bullied.

What role parents play in helping such teenage fishermen?

Here are some points via which parents can help their teenage students:

  • Make sure that you held in conversation with your teenage child as it is the first step in their life where they need several suggestions from you to cope with the daily problems.
  • Be an affectionate parent. Be empathetic with them. Give them emotional security wherever they needed.
  • Be supportive to your child. Do not give quicker advice to them.
  • Let them be the decision maker. Let them solve their problems on their own. If you become overprotective for them, then they fail to take their own decision with smartly.
  • It is very important to listen to them wherever they want to discuss something or the other with you. Do not just give them solutions, first listen to them carefully and then jump onto some solution. Make sure of their rolling anxiety. You need them the most this time. Make them cool and push away all their problems.
  • If your teen become moody or cranky then please do not take it personally or otherwise, you can talk with them and know the matter.
  • Be supportive to them. Tell them that you love them the most and over that unconditionally. Also tell them how much you love and admire their ways you tackle your situations at school. A research shows that efforts and sheer hard work will be encouraging for proving themselves in the tough phase.
  • Whenever teenagers are stressed do not neglect them at all. Put every possible effort of yours for helping them. Give them enough of the sleep and suggest them a different sort of exercise on the regular basis.
  • Attend to the basics. When teenagers are stressed, the essentials can be neglected. Do whatever you can to help them get enough sleep, eat healthily and exercise regularly. All of those things will help them to manage their stress.
  • Move them all around and make out where your help is needed the most. You can encourage them to join extracurricular activities via club, sports, and many more activities. This is the right stress buster that you can avail for coping with stress.
  • If you think that reaching school counselor will help then you can do so by fixing the meeting date. It would help teenage in several possible ways, though not with every teenage child.

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