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#KidsJourney: Traveling with Kids! How to act?

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I had it in my mind and maybe will be needed to put in category Traveling with Kid but my article is mainly for general explanations ,opposite on personal experience with own kids.Hope I will read more when more stories similar to asked topic when they will be published.

Journey or travel is the enrichment of the spirit.

The nature of man is to travel,to have journeys. This stems from the migrations and movements that man has done in the prehistory. Mankind settled in places where the living conditions were better. This was reason why he migrated from one place to another on Earth. From the remote mountain highlands, he put lower into the plains, most often on the banks of the rivers.

Here, of course, he had a more favorable climate and easier sources of food that he needed to survive. With the migration he traveled. In the new place of living, he carried his habits and customs. At the same time, in the new place of house, he came to terms with the new conditions and rules of life he accepted. So it changed, to have a more quality and easier life.

Family traveling with kids on plane

Traveling with Kids .Image is property of BitLuxTravel

We know that the first journeys came from man's need for a better life.

With the self-development the journey becomes an integral part of the personality .

Today we live in modern era. The dynamics of life imposes on us every day that we have to travel.

Sometime traveling every day to work from one place to another.

Sometime traveling or moves to a larger place of living for learning, studying, and the like.

Most often in case of "mega cities" , we are in a way that we have direction there to exercise all personal rights.

Because all the institutions are right there.

So nowadays travel is everyday.

So, we need to make the right choice with who and with what to travel. The safety of our journey is always the most important.

Then, the comfort and timing of the journey are an important factor.

Many of us, when it comes to vacation, or some kind of holiday, want to travel with the whole family somewhere.

Sometimes, and mostly today when come about family, more often, we choose a foreign destination. To travel abroad by car or by bus we need many days. Which, unfortunately as time we don't have too much nowadays. Thus, we always choose the faster way of traveling, by jet.

Flying with the whole family. Especially with young children's, presents a great challenge for many people.


Awareness for traveling is evolving since childhood.

For many children, looting is a huge burden.

This is most often the case in children whose parents "hard" submit a trip or change of place.

Parents are an example for children to see. If you are a parent , and the whole journey you are experiencing is making you euphoric and happy.

The main goal of your travel is to discover something new. You are happy and you are traveling with a smile, then your child will behave alike. And it will be in the code of thought that it is nice to go to a new place, that there will see something new, meet new people, taste different foods ...

Journey by jet presents a special and exceptional experience for a child.

This journey opens the horizons of the child.

The smaller the better. By traveling on a plane, the child makes it clear that only sky is the limit of life.

Now the child knows that everything he has imagined and what depends on him can be fulfilled. If he could "sit on the clouds" like on a pillow, then he can do everything.

It is normal, before such a trip to the child to have a variety of fears.

It can put a million questions in the head, which has no answers. So, most , before the journey, the child is well prepared, both physical and mentally. The psychic moment is much more important.

The parents here has a huge or even important role. First, through a personal example that will show the child, and then with the conversation.

Before traveling, we should explain to the child in detail all the things.

You must tell him that, first is procedure of checking tickets at the airport. This is in case if you take commercial plane route, if not and get private jet this steps we will skip it.

Then the suitcases (in which his favorite toy are most important) must be on a strip. The kid must know that his toys are take care and will be putted from some "uncle" in place.

The next thing that a child needs to know is that when we enter the plane there are certain rules.

We will have to sit at the designated seat with the same number of our ticket,this is on commercial planes. Then a beautiful stewardess will appear who will greet us and tell us to prepare and tie the belts. The next thing we'll hear is the voice of the pilot who will let us know that we are ready and take off in a few seconds.

The plane will start slow to move and speed up more later.

At that time, the plane will be shaking and it will stop.

Then we all applauded together because we flew success.

During flight, the stewardess will serve food and water.

We should have manners and quiet while flying. We should not bother everyone around us. That's why they will allow us to turn on a monitor on which we will watch a movie or play some kind of video game.

Before landing, the pilot will let us know again and we will once again feel the same shaking as in the beginning.

In the end, once again we will applaud together because we successfully landed on the ground.

With all these clarified things, traveling with an airplane with a child will be so easy and simple.

In the future the child will no longer be an "obstacle" to not visit a distant desired destination.

Most often, children are more likely to submit the trip, but this is not the rule. There are always exceptions. There are examples when a child , gets an attack on a panic during the flight.

Another example is tormenting the tight space.

There are children who are irritated and crying with fear from the height. Others react panic and get cramped because they can not see land, but around them is white. Stunned by the whiteness of the clouds. Inexplicable is the appearance that they are on the clouds themselves. There is a feeling of confusion and fatigue. But with choosing the right technique for calming. You can expect for a short time most of the children are more relaxed and begins to feel the curiosity. They begin to explore. First, they explore the interior of the plane, then its wings.

And finally observe and show interest in the external environment. Asking where they are now in the moment, what's down there, which city is if they see land, and the like.

All this, plane designers take it into place. Children are a very important factor in travel industry. So all their needs must be harmonized in the design and production of the plane to transport.

If space have limitations during flying. It does not in any way mean that the imagination should be limited.

So plane design must be adequate prepared with some animation during the flight.

In this way, the flight was made more easy by both the children themselves and the parents themselves.

It's enough for the child to know that the same rules apply to him on the plane and while driving in a car. The only difference here is that the driver is not a mum or a dad, but a pilot.

If you drive the child in your car by all standards of personal safety and you respect them.

Then you will not have any problems with the airplane trip.

In the end, traveling should be a great pleasure that will leave wonderful memories of life!

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