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Kids Toy Storage Ideas

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Storing toys in the children's room often turns into a problem. Where to store kids toys so the child can easily get them and then clean up? At the same time these toys should not be another source of the dust. Therefore, the first thing to think about when arranging a children's room is a plan for storing various games and toys.

Depending on what you need to gather from the floor, you can choose among various ways of storing toys. It is obvious that stuffed toys, table games and cars should be stored in different ways. To place accommodate a capacious and convenient storage for everything you need in a large children room is much easier than in a small one. However, it is possible to equip quite good shelves for storing trains and dolls, building kits and comic-books even in a room of the most modest size. Take into account the following ideas for arranging kid’s toy storage and choose the best option to make the nursery more comfortable for your children:


A good idea for storing toys in a nursery is to build a rack near the wall or to install as a partition between the functional zones if there is enough space. On the lower part of the rack you need to place special containers for toys, for instance, baskets, boxes or chests. On the middle part you can place a TV screen, and on the upper one you can arrange cupboards for things that are rarely used.


In addition, you can consider another option - to store the kids’ toys in the wicker baskets. It can be placed on the closet. If the child does not reach the top of the closet, it is not a problem as you can put in these baskets toys that are not used very often. You can install shelves on the wall and place on them baskets for toys. Moreover, these shelves can be used not only as the toy storage, but also serve as a part of decor for the nursery.


Chests have been used since ancient times. Using chests made of wood or leather for storing toys in the children's room is not only convenient, but also stylish. If you are on a tight budget, you can consider cheaper option - plastic chests of different sizes and bright colors. Decorate your kid’s room with various yellow, red, green and purple chests. The main requirement for the chests is that they are made of material that is easy to wash. Once in a while this procedure must be carried out to clean accumulated dust and dirt.


As one of the possible solution for the kid’s toy storage problem can be drawer boxes that are placed under the bed. There are several following options: you can either buy a ready-made bed equipped with such boxes, or order drawer boxes and place them under kid’s bed.

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