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Kids Remind Us We Are Made From Love and Called to Love

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We are made from LOVE and called to LOVE. It’s that simple. And also that hard at times.

Kids do the love thing naturally because their hearts are still soft and pliable, trusting and open. They don’t experience life as a reaction to met or unmet expectations. They just do life. The awe, wonder, acceptance, forgiveness, and love of everything around them—as is. To be ‘less than’ or ‘other’ is a foreign concept to kiddos.

If living is measured in liquid volume, kids take advantage of every last drop. They squeeze every ounce of joy from the universe and spill it on to the rest of us with their curiosity, excitement, bear hugs, belly laughs, and contagious smiles.

As adults, being in the presence of young children is a blessing. A reminder that we too were once innocent and open-minded. Wowed by the tiniest of details and entertained by the mere presence of others. Quick to forgive and long on loving.

Kids show us how to #BeLOVE in the world. We just need to remember not to forget.

Or we might consider inking the calling on our skin. Some of us (me) need a more permanent, neonish sign to walk the way of LOVE on a daily basis. Thank you, the wonder of skin art. And thank you daughter Kahrin Spear for designing this. Having your handwriting on me is priceless.


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