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Challenge: I Feel Bad About...

Kids are undirected, authentic trailers of their parents

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Our kids are like a mirror, and whether we like it or not, being around them all day, every day, it's like taking a good and hard look yourself and noting everything you're getting right and, of course, the crapton of shiitake you are getting wrong.

I've got three kids, ages eight, five and three, each of whom don quite a few of my less than becoming qualities.

Take my oldest. She is probably the most like me.

What traits was I kind enough to pass on to her?

Anxiousness, perfectionism, and basically any form of control-seeking behavior.

And, to my son, I was darling enough to give to him my fearful nature, unnecessary self-consciousness, and a holy heck of a lot of dramatics.

Then there's my devilishly sweet toddler who got my sassy mouth, neediness and the endearingly frustrating inability to chill the fudge out.

But, I'm not all bad, and therefore, neither is every facet of their personality.

And -- get this -- those more positive traits, they can be attributed back to me, too.

So, even though I am incredibly far from perfect, each of my children is

and happy.

And, I think that means that I must be getting at least some things right.

I mentioned that our kids are a reflection of us and each day, well, both we and the general public are privy to an undirected, authentic trailer of who we are by way of who we are raising.

I may not be proud of all of my attributes, but I am happy that I have kids who are awake and paying attention.

And, I may not feel overjoyed that my kids have clarified (and unknowingly hammered home) the notion that I'm not perfect, but I am one hopeful mama knowing that with some self-improvement, here and there, I can soon become the woman that I want to see in the mirror and one I will never feel concerned about them imitating.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, here's my vow to no longer be my child's downfall.

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