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Challenge: Romance After Kids

Keeping Score in Your Marriage

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Who emptied the dishwasher last?

Who did the laundry today?

Who woke and fed the kids?

Was it all YOU?

From the moment you brought your newborn home, did you hang up an invisible tally card? And have you marked that card every day, practically from the moment you wake up till the moment you go to bed?

If you know how much YOU did yesterday for the house, the children, and the family as a whole, it might be because you KEEP SCORE with your spouse and constantly tally up who is doing the most.


The only reason we can see to keep score is if you want hard evidence. With your tally in hand, you can point to solid data when you LOUDLY make your grievances known. Ugh! That is a road to nowhere.

Listen, we know that happy and healthy marriages and children are not easy to produce and maintain. IT TAKES WORK and it is on you -- your exhausted, over-stressed, anxiety-ridden, under-inebriated and under-romanced self -- to PUT IN THE WORK.

In this episode of ‘I Am The Worst Parent Ever’ Podcast, Robert and Nicole admit their own score-keeping history. They also discuss how strong marriages stand on a foundation of a genuine friendship and connection. Keeping score and wielding an "I did more than you” attitude, on the other hand, weakens the friendship at the core of your marriage and your family.

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