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Challenge: Walking the Talk

Keepin' it real.

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To the woman who wrote the article about not apologizing for her noisy kids..With all do....
Here's my rebuttal
Inside my home, your home, a grocery store, or restaurant.. my kids will not act like wankers!
I feel that it's very important for them to have respect for others.
This does not mean we are a strict unhappy family, and laughing or having fun is prohibited. No, on the contrary we laugh all the time.. mostly they laugh at me cause I cuss and lose my sh*t a lot.. but I digress.
When we're out and about with my giant 7 person family.. we are kind and considerate to those whom we share an aisle, room, or home.
Often times people stare, and occasionally ask questions, like.."how do you get them all to behave? What did you say to them?"
Me.."Well, I just tell them I expect nothing less.. even if a fly the size of a pigeon lands on your lap.. do not act like a lunatic!"
We are a big, crazy family, made up of joyful, respectful children.. because after all.. aren't we trying to raise kind hearted, respectful adults?

So on this topic.. we will just have to agree to disagree.


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