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Challenge: Choosing Baby Names

Keep it Simple

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My husband's name is Gervais. Hard G, rhymes with nervous. Or as he likes to say, 'never nervous Gervais.'

His name is consistently misspelled, mispronounced and there is always a question around how his mother came up with that name.

Fast forward to my pregnancy with our first child. Let the name debate begin. I liked the name Ellyn for a girl. Nickname Lynnie like the this is going to date me television show '30 Something.' My husband responded with that is 'too white.' You see, my husband is African American and I am white. He asserted we needed a name that could represent both of us.

We agreed on Camille Marguerite for a girl and Christopher Anthony for a boy.

Keep it simple. No need to fancy up the spelling. No need to impress. We matched the names to the following descriptors -- Supreme Court Justice, Starting Linebacker and U.S. Open Tennis Champion.

They worked. And, we had a boy. The name Christopher Anthony Petri Adams received rave reviews as he was the first boy in the Petri clan since my dad and his first name was for my Uncle Chris. My Uncle Chris died when I was four-years-old and I was the only grandchild that knew him. Anthony represents my dad, granddad and great-grandfather. Since there were no Petri men since my dad, we added that middle name in so my son could carry it forward.

Lots of license plates in novelty gift shops and hats in souvenir stores have the name Christopher. Set. Done. Simple.

We then had twin girls when our son was almost 12 years old. We knew we were going to stick with Camille Marguerite. Camille because we liked it and Marguerite for my great-grandmother. That meant we needed another 'C' name. I never wanted to be a parent with all the same letters especially one with names that really don't start with the same letter but the parents kind of force it. We also needed a middle name that came from family.

The rules. The rules. Oh, wait, we have one. Keep it simple.

So we had our Camille and our son decided on the name Caroline. We added Lee as the middle name because of my husband's mom and grandmother's middle names.



Yes, these names have meanings. There are even BIble verses associated with them, but we picked them because they made sense with the last name Adams, matched up to our descriptors and . . . they were simple. They were traditional spellings of traditional names.

We kept it simple.

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