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Just you wait.

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Wait. I know you’re not patient. I know you’ve been waiting for a very long time. I know your heart bangs to a beat that only he will recognize, but listen to me -

you need to wait.


The one that will find you through the crowded streets, noisy offices, and broken plans is the same one that will rest his heavy palm on your leg during church. He’s the same one you’ll hear singing a hymn next to you with a voice rusty from the morning and a hint of hope.


The one that will come looking for you with his jaw set, with his shoulders squared, and his hands empty - him. You wait for him. Wait for the one that holds your hands during the heavy, during the hard, and during the scary. Wait until you recognize his long fingers threaded through yours. Wait until you can look at him standing next to you - just wait.

You’ll recognize him.


Wait for just a minute.

The one that will search for you will be carrying a needle and thread, and slowly, he will sew up your pieces so carefully - so bravely, that you won’t even realize he’s doing it. You don’t need a man to fix your broken pieces, but wait - for just a moment - wait. It will feel so good to rest. It will feel like peace to rest with him.

So hang on.


The one waiting for you, too? He’ll be the one whose hot breath will warm your neck at night. When the darkness is pressing down on you, and when the only thing that is actually still shining at night is the stars - just wait. He’ll be the one right beside you. The hurts that mar your heart will look like some kind of cascading constellation, and you will be able to call them all by name by the time he shows up. Still. Wait.

And in the waiting. And in the anticipation. And in the looking, searching, and beckoning.

You will find yourself. You will learn yourself. Recognize yourself, find yourself walking back to who you really are, and just when you think you’re at the end of your rope - at the end of a dogfight -

There he will be.

And he will look just like home.


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