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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

Just Breathe

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As I was getting ready for bible study tonight I stood pressing the button to my straightener wondering why it wasn't turning on assuming it was broken (of course)... while holding the plug in my hand. I overheard my oldest ask my youngest if that was a knife in his hand, but fortunately it was a hair brush... this time. I managed to get my three year old down the steps without incident and without tripping myself since I already can't see my feet due to my ever expanding third baby bump. (Do they get bigger quicker with each one?!) We got buckled, I started the car, and I let out a deep breath.


As I put the car in reverse and glanced in my rear view there they sat. My two biggest blessings. The ones who made me a mom, who make me forget to plug the straightener in (and unplug the coffee pot), the ones who make me late and frazzled and sigh big, deep breaths multiple times a day. BUT they are MY BOYS who give me those perfectly imperfect, crazy yet BEAUTIFUL, full of life and love days that I wouldn't trade for anything in this world!


It's okay to not be okay some days and need to JUST BREATHE, but remember EVERYONE has those days... some much worse than others. What's important is that we wrap up each day, even the toughest ones, with a grateful heart! Counting my blessings ALWAYS and thanking God for ALL of my boys!!

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