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It’s the simple moments that are remembered

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They simply need the little moments

Why is it that the simple moments and little things really do create the most beautiful and magical moments with our kiddos?

Why does brushing their hair melt our heart?

Or rubbing lotion on chubby legs make us smile?

It’s the simple moments...

Why does holding a hand while walking down the street make us pause and sometimes wonder when it will come to an end?

And why does listening to a story go on and on , while laying in bed, make us feel a profound love we never experienced before they entered our lives?

It’s the simple moments...

It’s the time wrapped up in a towel, drying them off and singing a silly song.

It’s the long days of tantrums to then feel a hug at the end of the day with a quiet, “I love you, mommy.”

It’s a Sunday morning, with aprons on, teaching our kiddos how to make nana’s favorite cake.

It’s the simple moments...

It’s the time our big kid made a mistake but came to us with full transparency asking for guidance.

It’s the days of plopping down on the couch with our teen to brainstorm the pros and cons of colleges and which one to choose.

It’s the times where our teen chooses to stay home and asks us to hang out, go on a coffee run and watch a movie.

It’s the simple moments...

These simple moments are little treasures and gifts to store in our hearts.

You see, our kiddos don’t need much.

They simply need the moments.

They need to feel our love and know it doesn’t waver.

They need to know we are always listening.

They need to know big moments don’t create happiness.

They need the simple moments.

For these moments of simplicity will be the moments etched on their hearts and passed down to their children.


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