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Challenge: Raising Kind Kids

​It’s so easy to pass judgment

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It’s so easy to pass judgment on another.

Too easy in fact.

Way too easy if I’m looking to emphasize and be repetitive.

And emphasizing our opinion about someone or many someones who we only know some things about,

and doing in over and over again towards the same or different humans,

it’s getting old.

Speaking of old, do you know what’ll never get old?




It is hard as hell to have one or many strong opinions and

stand next to,

converse with on the internet,

have to work with, for or alongside,

or be related to

those whose




and beliefs

don’t align with yours.

And it’s easy to be jackalope.

My Facebook newsfeed tonight is proof.

So much fighting.

Too much negativity.


I ask this of you,

whilst I request of myself to do always do the same

Will you prioritize,

above all else,

human connectedness


in your every interaction,

vow to seek,


and give credence to

that what brings you together,

instead of

looking for,

harping on,

and hating on what sets you apart?

Just think...

We have within us the power to change the communal tone of the nation,

but if we don’t watch our own,

both in and outside of our home,

we won’t be successful.

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