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It's really easy for scary times to get super scary for tiny humans

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As a mom, I really wish I could just put a band-aid on humanity's present wound.

Sing everyone a song.

Pull them in for a snuggle.

Give 'em all a tight squeeze and kiss and tell them, "I love you."

And, for that to be enough for the wound to magically heal.

I wish I could cure the sick,

heal the hurt,

help the stuck,

raise spirits of the sad,

calm the anxious,

fix everyone's problems,

and tell this virus to back the fudge off.

But I can't.

And neither can you.

Doctors are very selflessly and tirelessly doing what they do best.

So are nurses, medical assistants, and every person that works in healthcare.

School principals, administrators and, my God, these truly amazing teachers are putting in a ridiculous amount of time to make eLearning as easy and painless as possible for the students they love and miss so very much.

All essential workers,


Amazon delivery persons,

mail carriers,

Shipt and Instacart shoppers,

Ubereats delivery drivers,

grocery store managers, stockers, baggers and cashiers,

mask-makers by trade or hobby,

those that work in essential product production

and so many others I didn't name

are all doing what they do best, not just because they have to, but because they need or want to and because they have the motivation and courage to step to the nerve-racking plate in the name of Team We're All In This Together, Team United States.

The impact these humans are having is huge.

And it's understandable and admirable as hell for you and me to want to have a bigger positive aid presence outside of our homes during such a tumultuous time.

But the impact we are making, from inside of it, it's huge too.

By caretaking for our children and spouses, and, yes, even ourselves, and by staying at home, we ARE aiding humanity, FROM INSIDE OUR HOME WHERE WE SHOULD BE.

Everything that we are doing right now, and for these next few weeks, inside of the walls that house our nuclear family is important work.

Every day that we wake up and give another our attention, energy, and love, even when we're anxious, overwhelmed, confused, and scared is a day we are stepping to the plate to help our Team -- the one we married into and birthed the teammates for and the one made up of the people we share our time on Earth with, who we hopefully won’t be distanced from for long.

It's really easy for scary times to get super scary for the tiny humans who are facing them, but with you, by your child's side, doing what you do best, it makes that time a little less worrisome for them.

And, caring and connected parents, raise compassionate and resiliant children.

As a mom, you might really wish that you could just put a band-aid on humanity's present wound, and I get that.

I want to as well.

But, my advice, for you and for me, it's to focus on having so much quality time and family fun in our homes that our kids, and perhaps even us too, just for a few minutes or hours at a time, forget that America is hurting and that we each are too.

You can do it, mama.

Mamas are magical like that.

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