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It’s Back! The Other F Word Season 2 is Here!

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What is The Other F Word, you ask? Well, depending on how you are using it, I guess it could be many things. But The Other F Word I am excited about is the Amazon hit series that is back for a second season!

Last year when I wrote about the first season premiere of The Other F Word, I talked about how 40 was fast on my heels. And as I get closer I have to imagine what life is going to be like for my husband and I in less than a year when our sweet teenagers graduate from high-school and start thinking about life on their own. We – or I, at least – have some great big mixed emotions about my kids being old and acting like real grown-ups. In so many ways I bask in seeing them doing real, amazing, adult-like things. It is so cool to see how these tiny humans have grown into these super-neat almost-adult-teenagers. But at the same time, I also think WTH. What happened to those tiny humans who used to rely on me for all.the.things.


There is a lot of talk between the two of us about what we want to do “when we grow up” – which is how we lovingly say becoming empty nesters. Do we want to stay here in Arkansas? Do we want to move – my feet need saltwater and sand to survive – just sayin? Do we want to have a home base here and travel?

We are excited and scared about the opportunity to branch out and see what the world after 40 looks like to us. Because, really, it is different for everyone. The Other F Word gives me a comedic glimpse of the midlife highs and lows that I have to look forward to.

One thing I have noticed, be it online, in the media, or in Hollywood – there really aren’t that many things that are relatable to women after 40, though I am finally starting to see many websites, magazines and blogs write about mid-life and the associated dramatic changes. TV Shows are a different story. Tons of shows over the years about single parents, diaper/baby stages, toddler stages, but rarely do you see the series that involves parents with teens or parents who have kids who have grown up and moved out. I am a reader, a researcher, a learner by nature. So I want to know what lies ahead – and in this case, if The Other F Word series is any indication, our fun definitely won’t stop just because we hit that “40” mark.

It is really no surprise to me that the first season of The Other F Word series was one of the top series streamed for 4 months in a row. Sometimes you just need something new, something different something that hasn’t been done time and time again. That is exactly what Caytha Jentis did when she created The Other F Word series. The Other F Word is a comedic coming-of-age series about four women friends who deal with the highs and lows of mid-life as they reinvent themselves now that their kids are grown.


I was ecstatic to hear that the second season of The Other F Word series had launched with special Event Screenings that were organized throughout the country by major influencers and women entrepreneurs such as Peach, iRelaunch and Lady Savant. And of course, now I can watch it myself on Amazon completely free!

I think one of the best parts of what Caytha is doing, is supporting other women entrepreneurs throughout her own adventure. For example, she featured products from their businesses such as 10th Studio, peach, Adam & Eve Unbound Box, SheSpark, Pink Truck and many more.

Ready to watch season 2? You can watch all six episodes, which are available now on Amazon. Go on, you know you want to see what it is all about!

Let’s show Hollywood that midlife MATTERS! Share and give “The Other F Word” some love!

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