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It's a Wonderful Life.

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After we dropped Hannah, our daughter, off at cheer, we took the other kids out to eat. As I was scrolling through my pics I took of Hannah right before we left the house, I noticed the lit Christmas tree in the background.


While sitting waiting for our food, I started to ask the kids which one turned on the Christmas tree, because it seems we left the house and left it on?

Of course I was met with answers of...not me, I don't know, wasn't me. I said, "look, I wanna know right now, which one of you turned on the effin' Christmas tree?"....Only I didn't say effin'... I said the word.. the mother of all words.. right there in the restaurant in front of other people..(notice I didn't say in front of my kids.. cause they're not surprised to hear that word out of my mouth.. they hear it on a regular) I'm usually pretty good at restraining myself in public but what can I say.. I'm gettin' old.
I could feel people staring and whispering.. like I committed some sort of microwaving a kitten kind of crime...
Suddenly, Abby confessed.. she said.. "oops yea that was me.. I turned it on so my American girl dolls could go to a Christmas dance."
I said.. "fine... don't do it again, my love.."

And that's how I parent...
I think I may apply for an interrogation job.

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