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Challenge: Kids with Special Needs

It’s a Special Joy of Parenting a Child with Special Needs

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People generally have the notion that the parents who have a child with special needs must have bigger challenges and that perhaps there is more struggle in their lives as their child grows. To some extent this is a fair conclusion, but beyond that it is just a presumption that arises out of fear because they do not want to be in the place of such parents.

When parents come to know that their child has a disability, their life certainly changes forever. They have to make difficult decisions, interact with child specialists, and understand the basic needs of their child and ways to fulfill them.

If you are a parent of a kid with special needs, it is job entrusted by nature and God upon you to make his or her life happier. It is not something you have been burdened with an unwanted or unexpected responsibility; it is a special joy that very few parents get. Be it physical, cognitive, mental disability, or any life-threatening illness your child is facing; remember that your every positive effort will bring more meaning in their lives.

The following joys are invariably associated with the special needs parents like you:

  • Getting to know how to balance work and life perfectly
  • Finding happiness in simple things
  • Getting to know more yourselves
  • Loving people for who they really are
  • A better understanding of others’ suffering

Being a special needs parent, you have to put extra efforts and spend more time with your child. However, you have to balance your work and life as well. Most of your time will be used sitting at home and you can explore options that can help you earn extra money as well. It encourages you to be independent and become a positive parent. One such an option is to start writing for online forums. Many forums ask you to write my essays online and you can enroll yourself and use your writing skills for writing essays.

Even though you are in the midst of hardships and struggle, nothing can stop you from counting your blessings and sharing happiness. In fact, even the little things that are otherwise considered insignificant by other parents; bring smiles in your faces. If we look at it more philosophically, there is nothing like bigger, precious and victorious moments that only come rarely. Even small tender moments are precious and enjoyable fully. When it comes to celebrating birthdays of your child, it is the time you can create unforgettable memories so that they can last much longer. In addition to presenting your kid toys, you customize a lot of things for them. Giving water bottles with customized birthday water bottle labels would be an amazing gift for your child.

The moment you start caring your special needs child, it takes you through the journey of different stages. Sometimes the situation becomes stressful, sometimes happier moments come, while at other times it is frustrating. However, it takes you to an inside journey as well as you become more focused and responsible and you start knowing yourself more. It is, in fact, a self-discovery and your ideas, beliefs and personality changes for better.

The way you tend to show your dedication for caring your child come what may, it speaks volumes about your selflessness. Because you have accepted and loved your child despite your own suffering, it also makes you more human. Loving someone with disability is a path that will take you on a higher plane. Consequently, you will start loving people for who they really are rather than how they look like or how they are perceived as.

You are more inclined to understand other person’s suffering when you yourself have gone through this tumultuous journey. As a matter of fact, you can help these people better than the parents of normal children and your suggestion and advices will be given more value by people. Sometimes people with special kids look out for those parents who have similar problems because they know that you can understand them and help them.


It is not easy to be a parent of a child with special needs, but we can tell that it is a special opportunity to serve and bring happiness in the lives of such kids. Sorrow and happiness are lifelong companions of such parents. But importantly, it serves as a special fulfillment to be a part of higher cause of caring these children.

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