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It's 2019 and I'm committed to saying no

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In 2019 I am #committed to saying #no.

It was the last basketball game before the holidays and I was chatting with another mom who asked if I was 'crazy busy' during the holiday season. I answered her honestly and said that no, I really wasn't.

She looked blankly at me. "How's that possible?"

The truth is, the holidays are mine to enjoy, too. Of course our kids are the center of the family during that time, but I'm entitled to a break, too.

I have come to a point in my life where I feel very confident and comfortable saying 'no.' I cannot, nor do I want to do all of the things. The last thing I want to do is have an over-scheduled, over-stressed life.

My kids and my husband are the most important things to me. I want to be there for them in ways that are positive, fun, and enjoyable. Therefore I will say 'no' to the things that don't bring us joy.

I'm sorta Marie Kondo-ing my life.

I will volunteer for some things, but not all the things. I will happily participate in some invitations, but maybe not all of the invitations.

We need rest. We need stillness. We need quiet.

I serve as a role model for my children, so showing them that it is okay to say no, I think, is a good thing. We cannot, nor should we want, to be everything for everyone.

But show up when it counts.

The holidays, the weekends, the vacations are all mine to enjoy, too. Same goes for you, my friend. Saying 'no' is a liberation that allows me to say 'yes' to the things that really do bring us joy.

Like, for instance, taking a zooming ride down your son's backyard roller coaster.

It's 2019 and I am #committed to saying #no.

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