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Itchy Itchy Doom Doom: There's Lice in the Classroom

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A gave B

And B gave C,

Lice, of course.

It spreads so easily.

“Meeee!” said D

To E F G,

“I’ll share my lice with you


Itchy itchy doom doom!

There’s lice in the classroom.

Here comes H

The next infectee,

And I and J

And long-haired K

All on their way


Itchy itchy doom doom!

There’s lice in the classroom.

Look who’s transmitting!

L M N O P!

And Q R S!

And T U V!

Still more—W!

And X Y Z

The whole class with—

Oh, no!

Itchy itchy DOOM! DOOM!

Skit skat skoodle doot

Flip flop flee.

Everyone’s scratching ferociously.

Mamas and papas

And teachers with dread

Pull out their flashlights

And check their heads

“You’re hurting me!”

Cried A B C.

Next to be checked is

Scalp itching D

And head burning E

And hair twitching F.

Then comes G

Scared to death.

H is spreading it to I.

J and K are about to cry.

L swears she would rather die.

M gets a buzz

N throws a fuss

O gives it to friends on the school bus.

Skit skat skoodle doot. Flip flop flee.

Look who’s lucky!

It’s nit-free P

Q R S,

And lice-tickled T.

Then U V W

Get checked finally.

Last to infect


The lice invasion ends



Itchy itchy doom doom!

There’s still one alive in the bedroom.

A it out of bed,

And this is what he said,

“Is that another nit

living on me?

It’s lice, of course.

It spreads so easily.”

Itchy itchy



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