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Why Mobile Phone Games are becoming increasingly popular for children?

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With the advent of the Internet, the concept of gaming started changing in a fast way. Most physical casinos started their online website and people started playing games and casinos sitting from the comfort of their home. Earlier people used to visit the physical casinos and play the games. The concept further changed with the arrival of Smartphone in the market. Now most of the online casinos have ensured that the games can be played right from the Smartphone. Hence, they are able to play the games with the gadget on their palm.

These conditions have helped to make the mobile phones an annual multi-billion dollar industry. Each of the mobile developing companies and the reliable online casinos are earning a lot of money. As the Smartphone has been owned by more people, it has helped the penetration of game developers to a great extent. Many Kenyan online casinos have made their programming in such a way that all of their games can be played by the gamers in their mobile phone. In fact, many game developers have developed a department which is fully dedicated to mobile gaming. It has also been found that most of the gamers own a Smartphone and hence it is becoming easier for them to play.

Actually, there are many advantages of mobile gaming and hence it is becoming one of the fastest expanding sectors in the world of entertainment. Let us have a look at the advantages of mobile gaming.

It is convenient

Mobility is the biggest convenient factor in mobile gaming. Once a game is downloaded into the Smartphone, the user does not even need any Internet connection to play the game. He can play the game wherever he or she will carry the Smartphone along with him or her. The mobile gaming application runs in the hard drive of the phone like it is supposed to run on a laptop computer. It means that the games on the mobile can be played anytime and anywhere even if the user does not have any Internet access. Most of the gamers are young in age and hence, they find it more convenient to play the games in a waiting room or in a car or in some leisure place. Moreover a Smartphone occupies a much smaller place than a desktop computer or a monitor and hence people find it much easier to carry and play through it anywhere.

Games are a bit cheaper

It has been seen that the price of most of the mobile phone games are cheaper in price and the price varies from a few dollars to not more than maximum $20. Hence it has been found that these games are much less in price than the console games. If you take information from the market, you will find that the price of the console games is generally more than $50. Since the price of the mobile games is low, it has helped many of the African users to shift to mobile gaming. By paying a small price, they can at least try a new game and if they like it, can continue playing it more. Moreover, people have their Smartphone to try out these games. So, most people are ready with their platform to try out these mobile games. On the other hand, in order to play a computer game or PS3, a user first will have to spend few hundred dollars of equipments to play the game.

Users can see a lot of variation and creativity

Mobile phone games being cheap, draws another advantage and that is unlimited amount of creativity. Since the games are cheap to buy, there comes a large variation in the use of mobile games. Since developers of mobile phone games know that these games take lesser time to produce and are cheaper, they take more risk in trying for new ideas or concepts. If any game, by chance does not become a hit in the market the developer does not lose much in the long run. As a consequence, people witness a huge amount of creativity being involved in the world of mobile gaming. This has another unique advantage. Both the large corporations and also the small firms which design mobile gaming are being able to compete in the same level playing ground. Hence many talented developers with small capital at hand can try out their luck in the market and display their creativity. Hence the users can see lot creativity in the world of mobile phone games.

Development of a community

When mobile phones were first discovered they were never meant to be for the purpose of gaming. They were mainly meant for the purpose of keeping connection with the people and communicate with people as and when required. The basic purpose was to develop a sense of community among the users. Mobile phone games also follow this concept, in a round way. There are many games which has multiplayer features with added chat options where one player can message the other players while playing the same game. Instead of the gamers playing the same game in the isolated locations, the developers has developed an idea where a group of gamers will play the game together, even if they are playing from the remote places. As a result, it has been seen that the gamers not only play the game, but also form a community of the same game. They later move on with the friendship and some of them turn out to be very good friends in the future. In this world, people are becoming very lonely and if the young people make friends on this platform and at the same time, play the games together, it will really help them to come out of this loneliness.

Loneliness of the younger generation is a big problem in the USA and hence this feature of community development has helped them to remain engaged and also get real friends with same area of interest.

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