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Is Male Emotional Intelligence More Responsible for Successful Relationships?

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Emotional Intelligence (EI) can easily be defined as the ability to use your emotions, moods, and feelings and that of others to make better choices in navigating through life. The greater pressure is being brought on women to overcome the gap in the relationships and ensure their success.

A research was published in the journal called Emotion in which it was found that the happiest marriages are those in which the wives are able to quickly calm themselves during any conflict. But the responsibility lies on the men too as discovered by Dr. John Gottman who says that men who allowed themselves to be influenced by their wives have a happier marriedlife.

Things Men Can Learn from Women

The difference between men and women is that the latter tend to form an association with someone else’s feelings. For men, the situation is entirely different as their brains tend to sense the feelings for a very short period of time and then get distracted.

Women hold feelings more important than other things whereas only a limited number of men can be termed as truly sensitive. Gottman’s research discovered that only 35 percent of the men were emotionally intelligent, which means that they cannot easily empathize with emotions and feelings of others.

Men and women have equal capacity to develop EI. However, women tend to develop their social skills and empathy in adulthood whereas it is hard for the men to shift their focus from themselves. If only they pay little attention to enhance their EI, they will be able to achieve a blissful marital life which will be a lot more than just wearing the engagement rings on their fingers.

Understanding Relationships

You enter a relationship because it serves your emotional nutrients and you and your partner assist each other in meeting each other’s needs. If men have high self-awareness, it becomes easier for them to understand what is required from them in a relationship.

With only 15 percent of the people truly practicing self-awareness, it is hard to expect from men to understand relationships as they are not even able to understand themselves properly. With 30 to 50 percent of our marital happiness lying on EI, it is hard to escape that its importance is inevitable in successful relationships.

Dealing with Negative Emotions

A higher EI means that your ability to deal with negative emotions is increased thus, men can benefit a lot by improving their emotional understanding. People who experience negative or destructive emotions regularly have a 19 percent more chance of developing heart disease and are at a 70 percent risk of cancer.

Only wearing a cremation ring for men and providing financially for the family is not enough for men to ensure a content life. They need to invest themselves emotionally in a relationship and must exhibit higher EI to ensure its success.

A relationship gets into trouble when negativity meets negativity and Gottman says that 65 percent of men are responsible for increasing the negativity in an argument. He further says that there are 81 percent chances of a marriage self-imploding if the husband is unwilling to share his power. Thus, a higher EI in a man is a guarantee of a happy married life and satisfying relationships.

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