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Challenge: Gratitude & Giving

Is it too much to just be kind?

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A love letter to my daughters...

Let’s go back to being kind,
for kindness fills me with hope.


It’s a simple request, I know, but one I believe can alter our days which leads into weeks, months and years, ultimately changing the course of society and what is at the top of the to do list each day.

As we know, kindness is often lost within the chaos. But, I am confident, we are better than this.


We just need to reach into our souls and gently pull out our best selves each day.

I feel it in my core.
I see it within your eyes.
I absorb it when I glance at a stranger and can feel their kindness emanating across the room without a word being spoken.


So my sweet girls,
Remember this, we can be the ones to offer up our hearts and be the example.

So, make today the day you lend a hand.
Say a kind word.
Be there, fully present, phones down, for a friend.
Follow the rules and don’t think for one moment you are the exception.
Look people in the eye.
Admire the little things in the world.
Give a subtle wink or smile, it may be the only one all day the person receives.
Do for others not just yourself.
Put others first and sometimes let go of what you want to do to make someone else happy.
Create memories of kindness to last a life time and provide a lifetime of happiness.
You never hear of anyone sharing old stories of hatred and selfishness as they are taking their last breath.

And last but not least, with utmost importance, love one another.


And this gives me faith.

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