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Challenge: WHO Are You?

Is it balance, or is it survival?

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Is it balance, or is it survival?

Is there really any difference?

One is worth seeking 'cause it's the holy grail of living #yourbestlife, but, the other is what the weak do, isn't that right?

Or, is it only the strong that survive?

It probably depends on who you are asking.

But guess what?

The only person that holds the correct answer on that is you.

And, truthfully, you probably ride the line between balancing all of your to-dos and living and non-living responsibilities and surviving each day as you tend to them.

Some days it will feel more like work and other days, well, you'll keep a pretty good equilibrium.

There's really no telling what each day will bring and trying to forecast such will have you making shot-in-the-dark predictions and for what?

Take each day as it comes, mama.

Take your people as they come.

And, take yourself as you come.

“What is she doing? Is it balance, or is it survival," they wonder?

"Am I succeeding, or am I failing?" you wonder.

But, please remember this:

There is no such thing as failure.

A true lack of success is only possible if you do nothing and you mama, you are doing so much more than nothing.

Keep up the good work!

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