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Is Baby Sleep Regression Real?

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We get so many questions about 'Sleep Regression' and wanted to set the record straight right here, right now :)

The thought process for most parents goes something like this

1. My baby used to sleep but doesn't now.
( In reality, baby never really had the skill of going from fully wide awake to fully asleep without the help of anyone or anything and were using lots of sleep crutches like rocking or feeding to sleep before.)

2. This must be the 4 month sleep regression i read about.
( In reality, its actually just a developmental change. Babies become more aware around 4 months and a few other times and they become too smart for the tricks that were used on them. Remember... you def-initially cannot 'regress' from something you never did in the first place! You must have something first, before you 'regress' from it. )

3. This is just the way life is and nothing to do about it
( In reality it's FINALLY TIME to teach baby the actual real skill of sleep! Otherwise it just takes more and more sleep crutches to trick them into sleep. We hear stories of how 20 minutes of rocking at 2 months turns into 2 hours of rocking at 4 months, where you actually start spending more time rocking baby to sleep than the time they spend sleeping!)

Most moms treat the 4 month sleep regression as if their baby HAD the skill to do it on their own and now suddenly don't.


So if you ask yourself
- Does my baby need sleep crutches to fall asleep?
- Does my baby have the skill to go down on their own?
- Does my baby need to be put down drowsy to sleep?
- Does my baby wake up at 2 am and not able to go back to sleep?

You'll have a solid assessment of where you are at. Once you properly understand your current state, you'll then know the proper direction to head in to fix it which yes, involves breaking a lot of bad habits, something we specialize in at

Generally in life any type of bad habit is really hard to break. You have to have a plan so solid you believe in it 100% and it typically takes people surrounding you who know what you're trying to accomplish and are there for you keeping you on the straight and narrow.

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