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Irish Food Trends 2017

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Food! Now that is one topic that few can do without. Food always seems to act as a pick-me-up when we are low and it isn’t surprising that people are starting to think of lunch as the new dinner. Why wait for the night to close in on us so that we can enjoy our food in style? Why not get a group of your office mates out and have some fun once in a while? Yes! That is the way the Irish have started thinking and I can’t say that I disagree!


This isn’t the only trend that has started. In fact there are subtle changes in the way the Irishman is approaching the food he eats. Let’s take a look at what these changes are.


Yes! Healthy has become a major issue globally but the Irish have decided to do something about it. The rise in the number of people who want to eat healthy has led to a rise in the number of restaurants that prepare healthy food.

A large number of restaurants have started adding healthy food to their menus. In fact, some even label them and give you a gist on why that particular item is good for your health! Takeaways have always been a source of irritation for the health conscious but today that is no longer a problem.


YES! Gluten free food is both a fad and a need. There are those who are gluten intolerant and then there are those who belong to the self-inflicted diet category. Both these types of people were at odd ends when it came to their diet because a few years ago 'gluten free’ wasn’t a popular concept. Luckily times have changed. Gluten free food is available in many restaurants.


There has been a steady rise in veganism in the past few years. If the charts and trends are right, then this is one trend that is going to continue. Vegetable protein is slowly replacing animal protein. This makes the need to find good substitutes important. While many restaurants are working on their vegan menus already, many more are due to follow suit soon!


Another interesting practice that has caught on like wild fire is pickling and fermenting. These include both meat and vegetables. Some experts claim that it is a remnant of the paleo craze. The objective of the pickled craze is to replace refined sugars and salt by more naturally occurring substances.


There was an era where everyone loved to dress up and go out for dinner. Yes we still do that every once in a while but today’s generation is much more laid back. Formal dining is almost a thing of the past and casual dining is slowly becoming a part of the present.

Today’s generation is looking for an experience both in terms of ambience and food. The more innovative the experience is the happier they are. That is the reason why restaurants have to work a little harder to ensure that their clients will come back.



Oh we used to love to run down to the nearest coffee shop to get a coffee to go. Today’s biggest trend is home brewing. More and more people are trying to brew their coffee at home. In fact a number of classes have been started to help people do just that.


A decade or two ago with wouldn’t have imagined combining technology and food. Sure we had ovens and then microwaves but that was as far as our imagination would lead us. If we needed to order food we would call via or maybe walk down to the restaurant and bring the food home.

A lot has changed since then. We can order food online with the click of a button. Apps on our phones have started making the process so much easier that we don’t even have to open our laptops. Online ratings help you decide which restaurant is good and which isn’t. It helps you locate the restaurant and it also helps you order. How much easier can a foodies life get?

Changes in the way people look at food will always exist. New food trends will always come up. You don’t always have to keep up but you do need to figure out what works for you!


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