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Challenge: I Feel Bad About...

I'm the 'snack mom' that put chocolate in your kid's post-game treat bag

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I'm the 'snack mom' that put chocolate in your kid's post-game treat bag, and I'm only slightly sorry for that.

Don't worry, I also included healthier options like a blueberry breakfast bar, some whole wheat crackers, and a replenishing juice, but that Reese's, it had to be added.

Nevermind that Valentine's Day was this week and your child is probably not lacking in visits to the sweets department, but there is something about my child being brave enough to get out on that tee-ball field this weekend and try a new sport that convinces me he deserves a piece of chocolate at 10 am on a Saturday.

Heck, us parents deserve chocolate for getting our kids to their game before 10 am on a Saturday. If little league fields could operate a Bloody Mary bar, that would be even better.

I digress.


But, truthfully, I beg of you that you don't scoff at my treat bag this Saturday and mumble to your partner about the ridiculous mother who thought including best chocolate treat known to man in your child's snack bag was a good idea.

It is a good idea because it makes my child happy and although I fully understand and believe that food is not a reward, I'd be full of shiitake flavored peanut butter if I told you I don't reward myself every day with an edible (or drinkable) treat.

I'm pretty confident the same goes for many of you.

"Hello, you big Venti Iced Coffee!"

"Hello, my tall glass of Apothic!"

"Hey there, family-size bag of ridged Ruffles!"

Could I show my fondness for my child without chocolate? Sure.

Could I show him just how proud I am of him for trying a new activity with new friends with just my words and affection instead of peanut butter goodness? Of course.

But, why would I want to?

If there is one thing that motherhood has taught me its balance and though I doubt I'll ever find "true" harmony thanks to the contradictory nature of parenting, I'll settle for healthy with a side of not so healthy treats.

So, yes -- I am the mom who included a piece of chocolate in your child's post-game snack bag.

But, I am also the mom who selflessly signed up to pay for, make and bring the snack bags.

I am the mom who took the time to write and draw on 16 snack bags that will get looked at for .2 seconds before they get ripped open because of the chance that little poorly drawn turtle and his humorous thought bubble would make my son (and maybe yours, too) smile.

I am the mom who remembered -- not an easy feat -- to bring those snack bags despite the morning craziness that is life with three kids and numerous activities on a Saturday morning.

So, am I the mom that kind of sucks for giving your child chocolate in the first morning hours of your weekend? Sure.

However, am I also the mom that is kind of freakin' awesome because I gave your child chocolate in the first morning hours of your weekend? Damn straight.

Go Team Tiger Turtles!


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