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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

I'm sure the simple life is great, but I prefer chaotic bliss

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I can picture you dreaming of a slower-paced life,

less middle-of-the-night wakeups,

less rushing out the door,

less work,

fewer bills,

fewer tantrums and tears,

more "me" time,

and more time to make and be with friends.

I can picture you dreaming of a fairy-tale marriage,

a prince-like husband who unrelentingly tends to your needs,

plenty of date nights,

jovial courting,

and lots of fulfilling sexy time.

I can picture you dreaming of a clean house,

a laundry hamper not filled to the brim,

a dishwasher with only a handful of dishes,

a rug that doesn't need to be vacuumed every five seconds,

and a simple, uncluttered, minimalistic space in which you reside.

I can picture you dreaming of yourself with loads of money that you didn't spend on

a multiple-bedroom house,

your kids' education,

medical and dental bills,

home repairs,

swimming lessons,

and life insurance.

I can picture you dreaming of traveling,

not to dance or baseball practice,

and not to the pediatrician,


or school,

but rather roaming -- aimlessly, yet happily --

with little regard for time and a hell of a lot of consideration for how free such wandering makes you feel.

Yeah, I can picture you dreaming of a life quite different from the one you currently have, but

-- pardon my language here --





None of those dreams hold a candle to your present reality.

Your PLENTIFUL reality.

I'm sure the simple life is great, for some, and yeah, in a mid-morning daydream, daily serenity seems like it might be nice.

But, here's something I can assure you of because it's the truth --

That this season you are in, with your days draped in chaotic bliss, is one that you were made for -- to be a part of -- so that you continue your bada** transformation into the woman, wife, and mother you have always longed to be and were put on this Earth to freakin' become.

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