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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

I’m Mom — always tired, but also always grateful

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I'm the early riser.

The waker of sleepy.

The breakfast maker.

The lunch packer.

The water bottle filler.

The potty helper.

The biscuit wiper.

The clothes picker outer.

The laundry doer.

The tissue grabber.

The vitamin giver.

The shoe tier.

The backpack zipper.

The weather informer.

The raincoat reminder.

The clock watcher.

The schedule keeper.

The activity planner.

The bank balancer.

The social architect.

The dinner maker.

The homework helper.

The shower enforcer.

The tub filler.

The reader.

The listener.

The expectation setter.

The bucket filler.

The encourager.

The disciplinarian.

The "No dessert tonight!" declarer.

The snack giver.

The snuggler.

The interrogator.

The "Get back in that bed" shouter.

The grumpy one.

The lumpy one.

The one who’s lap is never empty.

The happy one.

The sometimes sappy one.

The one who claims she's out of patience.

The one who always manages to find more.

I’m Mom — always tired, but eternally grateful.

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