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I'm his mama, so this I know.

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I’m his mama

so this I know

His birth was drenched

In distress & woe.

But he fought back

with everything he had

He proved them wrong

& that was rad.

I’m his mama

so this I know

the first few years

were touch & go.

And sleep nonexistent

As fear bathed my heart

but we kept hope near by

And that was a start.

I’m his mama

so this I know

We held on to faith

While he sucked on his toe!

His favorite pastime

From dusk until dawn

While always singing

A favorite song.

I’m his mama

so this I know

He smiled when Santa

Rang out “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

Or wiggles or Barney

Sang through the night

His head softly swaying

What a beautiful sight.

I’m his mama

so this I know

That he grew up strong

With a back bent low.

His will increased

with each passing year

we kept a close watch

and made sure he stayed near.

I’m his mama

so this I know

There’s no one on earth

Not a friend nor a foe

That will fight for my boy

And help him to be

His highest potential

From now til eternity.

I’m his mama

so this I know

You may think you know best

But listen up Yo!

I’ve been beside him

Through trials & joy

And will continue to fight

Forever for my boy.

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