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I'm Completely Inspired By A Seven Year Old Mini Mogul .My Thoughts On Getting Your Kids Into The Industry

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Let me start this by saying , I had no idea what to write for my commencement post. I am very nervous . I decided on a topic that would get a lot of attention and a lot of views on Parenting Community .I selected to talk about my views on the entertainment industry and how my views were changed by an adorable seven year old model , River Mason Eromosele.

I have always been against children being young models , actors , dancers , etc . I was completely biased with putting your kid in the entertainment industry. DO NOT DO IT!!! Why do I say that you ask? What the is the reasoning ? I use to be an actress as a child. I know the endless nights and the excruciating hours that come with being associated with the fashion and or entertainment industry. I worked on several sets for commercials and print campaigns. They weren't fun to me. I just chucked it up to the theory that everyone does have a different path to travel in life.

Nowadays, I am a author and writer for several well-known websites. I am 34 years old and I live in Kansas. I published my first book last year ( no promotion this isn't the marketplace) . After transitioning from my big move from California I decided to settle down and have a family. I have two twin boys , Isaiah and Mark with my lovely husband , Michael . I live a complete diverse and calm lifestyle from when I was an actress. Up until recently I was immensely vocal about not putting your kid in the entertainment industry . Mostly to me friends, co-workers , and a couple of mommy blogging groups I'm in on Facebook . Just based From my personal experience , it's just not fun for children.


Honestly , the entertainment industry has changed. Especially with this "digital-boom" occurring.With change comes different views as anything else in life . Nonetheless , as I was browsing through Instagram I came across this amazing page of this young boy named, River Mason Eromosele and let me say my perception of the industry has changed .

Rivers career started through his mom who is a famous wardrobe stylist . I have followed Pilar Scratch via Instagram and I adore her. But this little boy has so much fun on said he's so well-rounded that I can't do anything but respect the way he is being raised. Seemingly , he's the most well-rounded boy and vastly fashionable . He's not a "brat " or has no sense of "humility" . As I have seen in so many industry affiliates .

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River Mason Eromosele , Public Figure

Now he's walking for Paris fashion week. I think it's amazing. He's seven he has his own book series, a professional model and a TV personality. This made me change my mind. I am now getting my own kids into modeling as I reached out to Rivers mother , Pilar Scratch for advice.

This is why I just decided to share my thoughts on Today Parenting community of how I was inspired by a mini Mogul because I feel as though children aren't appreciated for their talents. The entertainment or fashion industry does give them a platform to highlight their diverse skills as children. What could be more creative then to be able to inspire at a young age ? I am completely inspired by a seven year old. He has fun , he enjoys his craft and he's full of life.

I just had to share this. From my experience in the entertainment industry I thought all experience were comparable. I see in different movements the alterations in the entertainment industry. I do acknowledge the positive aspects and that not all people turn into arrogant brats . As well, I see how much it has changed and this little boy gave me so much hope so I want to see use my new platform to share my new outlook.

How do you guys feel ? Would you consider your child getting into the fashion or entertainment industry?

Thank you guys for reading!

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