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Challenge: I'm a Great Mom Because...

I'm a supermom and I do little things: What's your superpower?

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Moms are superheroes. But not your average superhero. No, we don’t come flying in from far away in a super fancy costume and save the day, for all the world to see.


I don’t need to come flying in from afar because I was there, all along. I don’t need a siren to alert me to a pressing danger — I’m a mom and I’m always there for my children.

I’m a mom and I do all the little things.


I do so much superhero stuff. On the daily.

I kiss owies, even when they are invisible to the naked eye.

I diffuse toddler tantrums, like a master hostage negotiator.

I change every darn toilet roll in the entire house, for all time.

I prepare snacks like it ain’t no thang, a million times a day.

I wash sticky hands and little tooshes and stinky feet and milk-stained carpet. I’m pretty much a professional cleaner.

I tackle Mount. Laundry every single day.

I pair mismatched socks. Now that one really is a superpower.

I don’t want to brag but I’m an expert interpreter. My specialty languages are babble and childrenese.

I sniff out old sippy cups and save my children from poisoning themselves with sour milk.

I cook chicken nuggets to absolute perfection. Sometimes.

I read stories like a boss and I know “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by heart. Every single word.

I catch little bodies as they leap off the sofa, just before their head hits the floor.

I intercept sibling fights, just in time to avoid injury.

I give great horsey rides and my pants are worn through in the knees from all our escapades.

I know all the words to all their favorite songs.

I sing lullabies and know how to softly rock gentle bodies to sleep.

I thrive (or survive, depending on the day) on minimal sleep and maximum coffee.

I grew and birthed two human beings. I mean, that’s kind of a big deal.

I’m a mom. A superhero by any other name.

I spring to action, but not from afar. I’m always there.

I’m a mom and my superpower? I do the little things.

Written by Sina Steele, Her Mustard Faith

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