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Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

I'm A Sometimes Mom

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Sometimes I'm a good mom, but sometimes, I really suck.

Sometimes we go to the park and I smile while sweating my ass off and maneuvering around the 9-year-olds with bad attitudes and 3-year-olds with boogers stuck to their foreheads. Sometimes we go to Chick-fil-A because their play area is confined and I can watch from a window with my head on the table while I hand over bites of nuggets to the toddler in the high chair.

Sometimes I listen to the "Frozen" soundtrack on repeat for three days straight, and sometimes I make my children listen to things they don't like, like my favorite Turnover album and NPR.

Sometimes my 4-year-old's favorite snack is edamame and water with lemon and sometimes she won't accept anything but nuggets from McDonald's and Gatorade.

Sometimes I've done my makeup and my eyebrows are perfect. I've managed to find an outfit that looks just enough "still got it" to balance out the snot on my shoulder (whose snot even is that?). Sometimes I'm in yoga pants with holes and the same T-shirt I've worn for three days and I don't know when I brushed my hair last.

Sometimes I'm patient with a soft voice while we paint bird houses and talk about what makes the sky rain. Sometimes I lose my shit and yell and lie on the floor, wondering where I went wrong.

The only thing I'm capable of being 100 percent of the time is me... And me? I'm a sometimes mom, and that's all right.

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