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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

I'm a sahm, and (GASP!) sometimes I do nothing

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If my kids see me doing nothing, maybe they'll know it's okay to take a break.

To stop.

To breath.

Whenever they need.

Whenever they must.

If my kids see me doing nothing, maybe they'll know that people aren't machines.

We weren't created to work endlessly.

But we were created with infinite worth.

Worth that isn't tied to our capability or productivity.

Worth that is inherent and unchangeable no matter how much the world, its stressors, and its people change us.

If all my kids ever see is me pushing myself to the max, they'll be inclined to do the same. And while I wholeheartedly agree that each of us needs a "go-getter" attitude in life, that's different than a "go-getter at the cost of my peace and sanity" attitude.

There's more to life than being consumed by it.

There's more to life than letting your job or your anxieties, woes, and fears eat you alive, leaving you left to be nothing but a hollow shell of the incredible human you were put on this Earth to be.

Perhaps it's time we normalize finding beauty in rest instead of resting in the notion that busy is always better, and maybe this would be a terrific thing to teach to our young people.

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