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Challenge: I'm a Great Mom Because...

I'm a great mom and I'm done doing these 7 things

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I'm a great mom because I'm officially DONE doing these things.

1. I'm done living up to societal standards. It's all a facade anyway. Hey, we will all get along just fine if I throw away every farm house decoration in this place. First off, I don't live on a farm. Secondly, I don't really even like it to begin with. If it's your thing, that's great. But I'm not doing it anymore just because everyone else is. If I want my walls littered with toddler paintings and honor roll awards and art work, then they will be. Bye societal standards 🙋.

2. I'm done being the kind of parent other people think I should be. I have a big family, and if I want to keep growing it, I will. If you don't live here and pay my bills and raise my don't get a say in how big my family should be. I'm done being pressured to parent how Fancy Schmancy thinks I should parent. I have maternal instincts and there is no one right way to raise kids.


3. I'm done feeling pressured to act a certain way because I have a vagina. I am me. And I don't have to act any type of way just because the world says that's how a female should act. For example: pretending not to know anything because a man is present, being silent about inappropriate advances, not bringing my A game so others don't feel inferior. Stuff like that.

4. I'm done feeling the need to do "ministry". Look, Jesus says we're enough and, quite frankly, I don't feel we need any organization's permission and validation to help people we come across. I'm going to love people, help where I can, give out of my lack, do it for God. I'm done feeling pressured to be in an organized ministry in order to be a good Christian. I want my kids to be Christ-like because their hearts are in it, not just to fit into an organized religion one day a week.

5. I'm done caring what others think of me. The reality here is I will face God when I die. That's it. So does anyone else's opinion of me matter? No.

6. I'm done looking so far ahead. Plan, plan, plan. This moment. Here. Now. Is what matters the most. Tomorrow isn't even a for sure thing. I'm going to spend my moments being present with my family.

7. I'm done feeling anxiety around other groups of moms. I don't have to figure out a way to fit in and I certainly don't have to act differently so anyone will like me. *Here's a harsh truth-not everyone is going to like you and it's okay. I'm going to free myself up to just be me and if they like me, awesome, if they don't it doesn't matter.

I do, however, plan on continuing to pencil in my eyebrows because I like looking like I have nice eyebrows.

What are you DONE doing?

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