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iHerb Rewards Coupon Assures Great Savings On Safe Organic Baby Food

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When it comes to feeding your baby, you definitely want the purest of food. However, the common baby foods today are laden in harmful chemicals given the large share of fertilizers and pesticides used in growing food. These chemicals usually contain carcinogens & other dangerous stuff and you can assume how badly these conventional food products jeopardize your child’s health. You must understand that your baby’s body & brain is at an important phase of development and hence needs special care. It cannot tolerate the harmful chemicals the way your adult body tolerates it and hence the risk factor is always greater when it comes to little ones.

Why go organic?

Studies have shown that constant exposures to the harmful pesticides make the kids more susceptible to several health problems, including neuro-development damage. Thus, the doctors always suggest to take to organic baby food products that are produced in a safe way. By “safe” it means food grown without persistent fertilizers or pesticides or other such harmful stuff. Moreover, organic foods are rich in more nutrients & higher vitamin levels that further ensure a healthy consumption for your precious. When it comes to best portals for organic baby food, iHerb is one of the top favorites among smart parents.

iHerb assures safe natural food with handy savings

The company assures organically grown baby food products (from honest farmers) that are produced without additives. Whether you want cereals or snacks for your little one, iHerb has got the authentic organic stamp for every baby food category. One of the best bits about getting your organic baby food from iHerb is the assurance of amazing savings, thanks to the iHerb reward code.

iHerb reward code

The iHerb reward code would enable you to help your friends & family members save hundreds of dollars per year and enjoy great savings worth thousands of dollars yourself.

So, how does it work?

Well, you can pass on your iHerb Rewards Code to anybody you know and they will save 5 USD on their first purchase at the portal. As they make their first purchase at iHerb, you will immediately receive a handy 5USD Rewards credit accompanied by 5 percent of your friend’s order total. So, it’s like a double bonanza for you! Moreover, whenever that friend reorders any product from the company, a 5% of his order total would be automatically credited to your account.

Again, you will also enjoy amazing savings when you introduce new iHerb products to the current customers here. Just share your iHerb Customized Rewards Link with the current customers & receive 5% of overall product value- provided those customers have not purchased these iHerb goodies before. Additionally, each time the customer reorder the goodies referred via your iHerb code, you would be rewarded with 5% of total value on recurring basis. In case, the products referred by you from House Brands, the reward would be 10 percent instead of five percent.

Each iHerb customer would be provided with his or her unique Rewards Code or the landing pages of the iHerb site will also contain your Code. You can forward the landing pages to everybody you know to reap the amazing benefits of the code.

Refer the code internationally

You would be glad to know that iHerb caters to customers across 150 countries & accepts over 45 currencies. Thus, you would be able to refer the rewards code to near and dear ones settled abroad as well. The iHerb site is accessible in 6 languages.

Every month, a huge range of Rewards participants enjoy extra discount benefits on their organic iHerb products. Thousands receive the orders free of cost & hundreds of customers cash out the Rewards Credit. The top ten Rewards members who cashed out in October 2015 received an average reward amount of $8613.

Organic products for adults too

iHerb has not only come up with organic baby food but it also extends organic products for adults as well. Thus, you have non-toxic skin care products, sulphate free shampoos and many more natural goodies to ensure a safe care for your body. The conventional skin care products are high in harmful chemicals which are easily absorbed by your skin and the persistent presence of these toxins in your intestine eventually damages your organs over time. But the authentic organic products are free from the harmful chemicals and hence promise no negative side effects.

iHerb is on the mission to ensure a safe life for both the babies & adults with due respect to the environment. The company maintains NSF International certified distribution centers which have met the rigorous GMP standards. All the iHerb distribution centers are climate control equipped to ensure superior protection for the products from heat, cold and humidity.

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