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Challenge: What Makes a Family?

If you've been blessed with siblings you want to love, then be sure to do a good job at it

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This picture, guys.

These people.

These are MY people.

And, more then them being

their own person,

a spouse,

a mother,

a daughter,

and a son,

they are a sister and brother.

She is MY sister, and he is MY brother, and there isn't anyone that has my back like they do.

A back that I'd happily break in the name of supporting them in the way they always have and continue to do for me, for the rest of our lives.


When you're kids, they're an annoyance.

They're always

stealing your sh*t.

eating off your plate.

wearing your clothes,

embarrassing you in front of your friends,

dating your friends,

ignoring you while they hang with theirs,

pissed if you try to join in,

arguing with you about anything and everything,


tattling on you at any chance they get,

But, as adults, they're a Godsend.

They're always

building you up,

encouraging you,

giving advice,

jumping in to help,

calling you on your sh*t,

actually calling you,

leaning in when they can,

leaning out when they should,


not letting you take any crap that's being unfairly dished on to your plate.

And, speaking of plates, those allies of yours, though they may casually complain while doing it, will wash that plate of yours for you and return it to you clean, just like the new slate they give you every single day.

There aren't very many people in a person's life that aren't fair-weather and wishy-washy.

For most of us, if we're lucky, that includes

our parents,



and our siblings.

And, while unconditional love from our rents, husbands or wives, and children is wonderful, it kinda feels like they have to love us.

But, our siblings?

They don't have to.

They get to.

They want to.

You weren't born from them, didn't birth them, and didn't marry them.

While your relationship with one another is semi-forced upon you as children and during adolescence, in adulthood, you get to hand-choose who you surround yourself with if you've been blessed with siblings you want to love, then be sure to do a good job at it.

This picture, guys.

These are MY people, and they are my life.

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