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Challenge: Get Happy!

If you're happy and you know it...

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I am probably not the premier source to speak on happiness. I am not happy 100% of the time. People who say they are have to be lying, amiright????

BUT - I have so many happy moments. What stinks is forgetting about those happies when the sucky ones seem to take over for days, and days, and days.

So I have thought about this post and decided to impart some wisdom from me to you - whoever you are. This is the summation of how I deal with the stresses of life.

1. Happiness isn't always given to you - sometimes you have to go find it.

Seriously. It starts with a shift in attitude. You can take the worst situation and look for the silver lining. Cliche as it sounds, I know for myself - it takes me not dwelling on all that's wrong and focus (really concentrate) on the things that are right. One of these situations happened this very weekend. My husband's truck just wasn't sounding right. He went to the store 3 times to get it tested to see what was wrong and each time came home with another part to solve the problem. The idea that we would need thousands of dollars to fix the problem sure didn't seem happy to me. He was dwelling on the bad as he worked. I went to check on him and reminded him that we have two beautiful and healthy children, and another car under the garage. No matter the mess under the hood - big picture - we are okay. In fact, we are GOOD. (Side note - he totally fixed it. I got the total package ladies - good looking and Mr. DIY.)

2. Sometimes you can't find the happiness in every situation.

Am I losing you yet? Total oxymoron here. But seriously. I can't locate the happiness in the situation when my kid is LOSING it in the middle of the night and we are both exhausted and sleep seems to be still so far away. Nope - can't find the happiness. But I do know that that moment won't last forever. Maybe a bad night, maybe a bad week, but it will end. There is the happiness - even the bad situations have a light at the end of the tunnel.

3. Solve your problems with a hot bath, a glass of wine, and something really funny.

Okay this one is a bit personal, but hey - someone out there should be able to relate.... no one? Just me? Okay, whatever. I'll keep my point number three anyway.

Maybe I should have entitled this one perspective. When times are stressful, you are pushed to your limits, and life just seems to have the upper hand, for me - those three things above can cure it all. At least for a little while - and sometimes- a little while is all you need to refresh your perspective on the situation. The main idea here is to do something that can take you away, even for a moment, to find the happiness - even if you come to the conclusion that you will only be happy when the situation is said and done. Do something intentional that you know will make you happy.

Now think - if you applied that thought to your life and to those around you - wouldn't the world be a better place? I like to think so.

Happiness is contagious. Let's spread it around intentionally!


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