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Challenge: Share your mom lessons

If you want to be a real champion for your children, you've got to let other people champion them too.

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Hey there you hardworking mama,

I know your heart wants to hear this about as much as your biscuit wants a colonoscopy or your boob wants a mammo,

and I know that my choice of phrasing right there, well, it paints quite a painful picture for you,

but I needed a visual that will adequately convey to you just how unpleasant what I'm about to say *may* make you feel.

Anyway, here it goes:


Children everywhere need more than just their





superhero of a mom.

They need their dad,

they need their grandparents,

they need their aunts and uncles,

they need their teachers,

and they need their coaches.

As much as they benefit from your unconditional presence and love,
and although affection and attention from anyone other than you is just not the same,

kids need to feel the joy others bring to their lives and the joy they bring to the lives of others.

While it would surely toot my own horn to tell you that I'm my kids be-all-end-all,
it wouldn't behoove my children for me to keep them all to myself OR to hold the naive belief that I can give them everything they need.

Children benefit from every single gosh darn positive interaction they have with an adult, so being an adult who doesn't allow for or encourage such with your kids, it's doing them a giant disservice.

I get it.

I know that mama bear mode and anxiety kick in when the kiddos are with anyone but you,

but I'll tell you something I've learned in the nine years I've been a mama —

If you want to be a real champion for your children, you have got to let other people champion them, too.

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