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Challenge: Perfectly Imperfect Parenting

​If I were a kid, I'd get it right

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If I were a kid, I'd get it right.

I'd eat and sleep well.

I'd hit all milestones early or on time.

I'd behave.

I'd listen.

I'd show respect.

I'd earn some too.

I'd speak kindly.

I'd listen intently.

I'd work hard in school.

I'd work just as hard at home.

I'd help others.

I'd ask for help if ever I needed.

I'd know and act if I ever I saw someone who needed help but couldn’t or wouldn't ask for it.

I'd hug my parents — a lot.

I'd always return an “I love you” and even toss out plenty of my own.

I'd apologize for my mistakes.

I'd try not to make too many.

But, alas, I was a kid,

and I didn't always do those things

and I didn’t always get it right.

I mucked up.

A lot.

I wasn't always good.

I didn't make all the right choices.

At times I acted up.

I sure caused some tears and let drop plenty of my own.

I went on unapproved adventures, less than permissible paths and checked took quite a few detours because, well, they’re interesting and why the hell not.

What I didn’t do was everything a “good kid” does, and look how that’s worked out…

I’m a growna** adult and I’m happy.

I’m doing things with my life and I am the matriarch of my little amazing nuclear family.

But had I been a kid who “got it all right,” there would have been one thing I still got wrong and that would have been thinking that I have to be perfect.

Perfect kids don’t exist. Because perfect parents don’t exist, and every parent, well, you guessed it…we were once an imperfect kid.

Let’s stop demanding from our children that which we couldn’t and still can’t consistently give, and instead, praise them for



and eternally trying…just like we still are.

For the kids…that’s all they need to get it right.

For the parents…that’s all we need to get it right.

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