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Challenge: Get Happy!

If I were a child, just for a day

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If I were a child, just for a day, I would wake up happy.

I would jump out of my bed, wearing none other than my favorite snug PJs, which I have clearly outgrown (but who cares), land my two stinky, still-dirty from-yesterday's-outside-play feet on the floor and stretch an excited smile across my face at the sight of my loving mother and a father, and a new day.

I would giddily run down the stairs to see my family and shower my loved ones in very loud, perhaps unwanted 'cause-it's-way-too-early-for-all-of-this type of touching, affection and, of course, close-talking.

I would eat two chocolate donuts for breakfast.

I would willingly and gleefully go to school and pick up every ounce of knowledge being offered up.

I would spend my summers having adventures.

I would make and play with friends -- lots of them.

I would thrive on interactions with my like and varied-aged peers, and I would feel both fueled and fulfilled by each an every connection I make.

I wouldn't worry very much, if at all.

I would laugh -- a lot.

I might cry, but hopefully not.

But, I would also BELIEVE MORE.

I would HOPE MORE.

I would DO MORE.

In fact, if I were a child just for a day, I would BE MORE -- more like the person I long to be, but am not quite yet, as an adult.

There are so many ways in which kids are getting life more "right," than the presumed sagey adults that they are surrounded by.

If we pause for a minute and take a cue from our pint-sized, fun-loving, soul-bearing, rambunctious, tiring, but oh-so-loving, little people, they may rub off on us, and I think that would be a terrific thing.

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